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Zen Leader 2


What would you make possible if you were fearless? Or if you could strengthen those around you and help them be fearless?

Get to the root of basic human needs and fears in yourself and you’ll find yourself less triggered by challenging people or circumstances and more able to help others. Learn to work with fear and watch your leadership expand and those around you flourish.

What will you learn?

  • How to face into a self-limiting fear and increasingly free yourself
  • How to flip from useless outward judgments to productively working inner triggers
  • How habits work and can be reworked
  • How to leverage the neuroscience of “I” and “we”
  • How trauma distorts the present
  • How to take away fear
  • How each of the energy patterns gets into conflict and ways to move forward
  • How unfillable holes happen and what to do about them
  • How to lift and empower others
  • How to strengthen an important relationship in your life

“This is the best leadership program I have ever been involved with and participated in. It will give you tools and practices you won’t find anywhere else.”

Kate Watters
Executive Director, Crude Accountability

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How does it work?

  • Online, live, cohort-based program
  • Starts Thursday evening, runs most through the weekend, finishes Sunday at noon CT


  • Tracing the roots of fear
  • Needs, fears and finding balance
  • From “out there” to “in here” – claiming your power
  • How habits work and how you can rework them
  • Neurobiology of relationships
  • Energy patterns in conflict and ways to move forward
  • From “It’s all about me” to “I’m all about it”
  • Strengthening relationships and empowering others
  • Putting it all together

Photo by Kristi Crymes, physician, IZL Instructor

What’s included?

  • A comprehensive workbook
  • Case study coaching on ways to apply “flips” of Zen Leadership to your own relationships and fears
  • Deepening in Zen meditation, hara development and physical training that supports fearlessness
Program Fee

When registering, you’ll have the option to select the pricing level that fits your circumstances.

  • $249 – Scholarship rate (e.g., student, limited income, international low currency)
  • $449 – Supported rate (e.g., part-time or self-employed, non-profit)
  • $549  – Regular rate (e.g., full time, government or corporate)
  • $649 – Benefactor rate (e.g., able to contribute to support another)      

A limited number of fuller scholarships may be available, usually linked with an opportunity to volunteer. We welcome a conversation to discuss how to make your participation possible. Contact us.

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Zen Leader 2: Oct 2024

October 24 – October 27

Experience the freedom of reframing fears and conflict and the power of strengthening relationships.

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“This is a fantastic course that combines physical work, breath work, and lessons to help lead without fear and positively transform relationships. The online format worked really well.”

John Mulcahy

Founder of HealthGenuity

“If you want to change yourself and the world around you, this course is your guide.”

Lois Pfeiffer

CEO Northstar Group

“Zen Leader 2 provided the opportunity for clarity and integration that I have been seeking for quite some time and in many places. Deeply grateful.”

Mary Hodgson

Professional Coach

“Not only change your leadership approach
but shape your life to be full of purpose!”

Jon Lucero

Cybersecurity Consultant

“It’s a life changing experience and one must try it at least once.” 

Dr Prerna Tambay

Kingston Business School

“I have never experienced so many amazing shifts in such a short time. The training exceeded my expectations and was far better than I could have imagined. Ginny and her team are masters at creating a safe and supportive environment. I highly recommend this and other Institute for Zen Leadership learning opportunities.”

Stacey Bevill

PCC Owner of Golden Career Strategies


What happens if I cancel?

Depending on when you cancel relative to the program start date, we can transfer your registration forward to a future offering or you may be eligible for a refund. See our cancellation policy here.

What if I miss part of the program?

Part of what makes our programs so strong is the sense of community in the cohort, so we encourage you to attend all sessions live.  If you have to miss 1-2 hours, we’ll help you get caught up. If you have to miss more than that, we’ll suggest rolling your registration forward to the next offering.

Do I have to have taken Zen Leader 1 first?

You’ll want to have taken one of the foundational courses first (i.e., Zen Leader 1, HEAL1,  or Resonate) or have equivalent experience so you’re familiar with basics that we build on in this session.  Ask us if you have any questions about your readiness.

Can I take Zen Leader 3 before Zen Leader 2?

While the sessions have a natural order to them, if it works better for your schedule to take ZL3 before ZL2, go ahead and do that, you won’t be lost.

What if I can’t afford the program?

If you’re committed to training with us, we’d like to make it possible for you. We offer a scholarship rate to our programs, and a limited number of fuller scholarships may be available, usually linked with an opportunity to volunteer. Contact us to discuss further.

Can my whole team attend?

Absolutely, in fact, it’s easier to integrate the program’s learnings in your workplace when multiple people or a team train together. Contact us for group discounts or if you would like to bring a tailored version of the program to your organization.