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We’re on a mission…

To bring leaders to Zen that they can realize their full capacity, to bring Zen to leadership where it can help the world, and to build a community of more awakened leaders worldwide.

We live in a critical time of technological, environmental and systemic disruption. If you’ve trained with us, you know what we do is powerful, unique and needed in the world to accelerate the development of leaders who can meet the complexity of this time with the wisdom of connectedness.

Our Platinum Rating from GuideStar Candid reflects our commitment to full transparency in how donations are applied.

“Each day we
can connect,
heal, and create
something beautiful.”

-Gordon Greene Roshi,
Abbot of Chosei Zen, IZL Board Member

Your donation makes a world of difference

Through your donations, we are developing leaders all over the globe who are making a difference for their organizations, communities, and families, not by being one-up, but by being one-with.

One donation at a time, one leader at a time – the resonance builds toward the tipping point in leadership our world needs.

You have questions. We have answers.

How does my donation make a difference?

We intentionally price our programs below what they cost to make them more readily available to a wider audience. Even so, many people require partial or full scholarship support in order to attend. Your generosity makes our generosity possible. Your donation helps us expand our outreach, enhance our programs, provide resources and services meeting the needs of the time, and offer scholarships to those who need them.

Can I designate my donation for scholarships?

Absolutely. A $500 donation, for example allows a participant who has no training budget to attend an online program and pay forward the benefits to their organization, community and family. In these disruptive times, the call for scholarships is increasing, and your donations help us meet it. To designate your donation for scholarships, just add a note to that effect when making it.  If you would like it applied specifically to scholarships for healthcare practitioners, please designate it for the Beth Potter Scholarship fund.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. We’re a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and your donation is tax deductible. 

Is IZL Guidestar rated?

Yes. We have a Guidestar Platinum Rating and profile and are fully transparent in how we apply your donation.

Do some funds go to support Chosei Zen?

Yes, while the two organizations are separate, IZL relies on Chosei Zen (CZ) for making ongoing Zen practice available to our community through the Virtual Dojo, as well as in-depth Zen training and development of our instructors. IZL makes an annual donation to CZ, pays for some of its administrative needs and rents space at CZ’s Madison Dojo (Daikozen-ji) for our headquarters.

Your donations are amplified through a powerful volunteer network who have helped us expand our outreach and programs in healthcare (HEAL), in Europe, Asia, and across the U.S.

Online donations are collected here, but if you prefer to donate by check, make payable to “IZL” and send to:
2540 E. Mifflin Street, Madison, WI 53704.

Photo by Kelly Bannister

Thank you (deep bow)

“Keep up the amazing work, IZL.”

Tom Gruenwald

“Thank you for this impactful work and opportunity to learn, engage and grow.”

Amber Smith

“I’m happy to support IZL as much as I can, for it supports me in so many ways.”

Jo Griffin Preston

“Grateful for support from IZL that has enabled me to do more and better in these challenging times.”

Dr. Cindy Haq, MD

“IZL has become one of my most treasured communities and I want to support its mission and vision for the future of leadership in our world.”

Dr. Alexandra Adams, MD

“IZL brought me back to life and to places I didn’t know existed in myself.”

Cris Nakano