Collective Trauma Summit
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text: Collective Trauma Summit 2021 - Collective Healing in Action - September 19th through 28th

Collective Trauma Summit – Partner Event

Begins on September 19, 2021, 12:00 am

Ends on September 28, 2021, 11:59 pm

“By attending the online Summit, you will be part of creating a powerful healing container to bring light to collective trauma for the collective consciousness of humanity at this pivotal time on our planet.” THOMAS HÜBL

collective healing in action

The Institute for Zen Leadership is proud to sponsor the 2021 Collective Trauma Summit, a A 10-Day Online Event to Explore Methods for Working with Unresolved and Hidden Trauma in Individuals, Communities, and Society. Convened by Thomas Hübl, collaboration between the Pocket Project and Inner Science, LLC.

From the organizers: You’ll see this year we’ve featured over 45 experts including pioneering psychotherapists, neuroscientists, Indigenous elders and activists, acclaimed poets and authors, climate scientists and more. Over the course of this 10-day global event, we will look at different aspects of trauma including individual, ancestral, and collective trauma, and how they are interconnected. Explore the potential for healing with speaker talks and live online events, as well as poetry, guided contemplation, and integration practices.