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FEBI Programs

The Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) is a psychometrically validated personality instrument that uniquely integrates mind, body and behaviors; it is a gateway to working with the mind-body as one and, for many, a pathway to deeper training. When you make something physical, you make it trainable, which is what makes FEBI such a powerful and practical tool to add to your teaching and coaching. FEBI certification will equip you to coach individuals using FEBI, to facilitate FEBI-based team sessions, and to run FEBI-based programs.   

Some prior coaching, consulting, counseling or teaching experience is required; contact us if you have questions about your readiness to jump into FEBI certification.  

Who should attend?

Open to coaches and instructors that want to deepen their understanding on mind-body interconnectedness and share that with their clients.

Anyone on the path to become a Zen Leader Coach or Zen Leader Instructor.

What will you get?
  • Greater self awareness of how the energy patterns show up in you
  • Empathy for others as you learn how the energy patterns show up in others
  • 9 Individual reports and 1 Group report
  • Lifetime access to the FEBI Administration site
  • Access to the FEBI Coaches Resource Page
  • Lifetime support from Master Coaches and the FEBI Coach Community

Here are 2 ways to experience the FEBI before FEBI Certification:

Interested in learning more?

Get the Resonant Coach Kit! The ultimate kit to bring your most resonant self to your coaching, work, and life.

Spring FEBI Certification

Begins March 1, 10:00 amEnds April 12, 12:00 pmOnline – US Central Time Zone

Learn the FEBI inside and out over 4 interactive sessions.

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FEBI Programs we can bring to you: We have two standard FEBI-based programs we can bring to your organization or team,  virtually or live:

  • TYLE – Targeting Your Leadership Energy 
    • Audience: leaders at all levels wanting to better manage their energy and learn how to use the right energy at the right time. 
    • Outcomes: Direct experience of each pattern and its strengths, self-awareness of FEBI pattern preferences and concrete practices to develop any pattern they’d like easier access to
  • HYTE – Harnessing Your Team’s Energy 
    • Audience: intact team where team members have experienced TYLE or are given that experience up front
    • Outcomes: Shared understanding of the team’s strengths and weaknesses and ways to collectively develop energy patterns that would make the team more fit for purpose; personal commitments to support the team in specific pattern ways. 

We can also tailor a live or virtual program  to your needs.  Contact us with your request.