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Discover your inner team of energy patterns and a powerful way to integrate your mind, body and everyday life

Nothing more readily returns you to feeling centered and energized than mindfulness in the body.

Imagine a way of understanding and working with yourself that helps you connect mind and body at all times. That’s what we imagined learning about the four energy patterns of the nervous system and what we bring you in FEBI®, which measures them.

What will you learn?

Who is it for?

Everyone! There are no prerequisities for this program. As prework, you’ll take the FEBI®* and receive your results just prior to the 1st session.

*FEBI is a registered trademark of the Institute for Zen Leadership

How does it work:

  • Online, live, 2-part program
  • Each session is 2 hours and includes physical practices, small group and partner coaching.
  • The two sessions are separated by 2 weeks, giving time for observation and experimentation in between.
  • You’ll come away with a well-vetted practice for strengthening a pattern that improves your life.
choose your Program Fee

When registering, you’ll have the option to select the pricing level that fits your circumstances.

A limited number of fuller scholarships may be available, usually linked with an opportunity to volunteer. We welcome a conversation to discuss how to make your participation possible. Contact us.

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FEBI-4U: Aug 2024

August 27

Explore your personality through 4 mind-body energy patterns and learn to access whichever serves best.

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“… the ability to tap into and focus basic energy patterns of human existence is a tool I will use for the rest of my life.”

Tom Gruenwald

Physicist and former CEO

“Finally, a tool and approach that makes intuitive, practical and theoretical sense. The energy patterns can be quickly grasped and easily applied.”

David Dotlich

President of Pivot Leadership, a division of KornFerry

“I have trained over 9000 mangers and senior level professionals in many different subject areas and NOTHING I have ever learned compares to FEBI. It brilliantly “bridges” the mind-body connection, and offers very practical and effective ways to utilize our strengths and build our weaknesses.”

Brad Reed

“I can say unequivocally that the energy patterns are a most powerful concept: simply elegant, elegantly simple. And it works!”

Rebecca Barna

Former publisher for Popular Science

“This learning and assessment has a completely unique way of helping you recognize the pattern without it being “wrong”. There are no wrong patterns, no wrong ways of being – only what’s useful in supporting the vision or action or activity in which you engage in life.”

Sarah Martin

Coach and Facilitator

You have questions. We have answers.

What happens if I cancel?

Depending on when you cancel relative to the program start date, we can transfer your registration forward to a future offering or you may be eligible for a refund. See our cancellation policy here.

What if I miss part of the program?

Part of what makes our programs so strong is the sense of community in the cohort, so we encourage you to attend all sessions live.  We do record the sessions, so if you miss a part, you’ll have a chance to catch up.

What exactly is FEBI anyway?

FEBI is a validated measure of 4 patterns in your nervous system that link mind, body and behaviors and also map to the 4 dominant factors of personality. It will show you which patterns you prefer, and also how to access any pattern when it’s needed.

I’ve taken personality tests before; how is FEBI different and how will it help me?

Only FEBI makes explicit links between how you show up in the world and patterns in your own body. Making that link is invaluable because once you make something physical, you make it trainable. Personality assessments will generally show your strengths and weaknesses yet can leave the false impression of being unchangeable. FEBI goes further to show that you have all four patterns and how to access any of them physically when you need them. This allows your strengths to remain strengths, not holes dug deeper.

Who should take FEBI-4U?

Anyone committed to making a difference will benefit from this program. There are no course prerequisites.

Can I just learn about FEBI in other IZL programs?

Working with the four energy patterns and FEBI has been integrated into all of our IZL programs for years, however we’ve heard that people wanted an earlier and more thorough introduction to the patterns because they’re just so darn useful, so we developed this course that can be taken before or after our foundational programs (ZL1, HEAL or Resonate) or standalone.