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Connecting at an IZL program

Disturbed waters. Dysfunctional systems. Disrupted plans.
It can be hard to stay energized and effective,
Or make a positive difference.
And yet, you’re committed to doing so.

we Equip you with physical zen training and the leadership
skills most needed today

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So that you can lead beyond doubt, fear and ego,
Get others resonating with you.
And make your greatest difference with joy, wisdom and wonder.

It’s life-changing, unbelievable. There’s nothing else like this out there. The Zen Leader courses are fire.”

Ernie Capbert at Zen Leader

HERE ARE SOME of the endless possibilities from leaders who have trained with us:

A physician accepts a promotion to lead a department at a major university, saying she felt readied by IZL training, and in her first year is awarded faculty director of the year.

An artist ups her game to create fearlessly and
teach others how to do the same.

A medical director improves and inspires her department by putting meditation cushions in her office, where employees now gather for meditation and deeper conversations.

A corporate leader re-evaluates her career and finds a new purposefulness that she is determined to grow into.

A tired but talented technology leader describes “coming home to himself” as he learns to connect with hara and expand his senses.

A physician suffering from burnout says at the close of a ZL program this is the first time she has “felt whole”.

A somatic coach learns to work with the 4 energy patterns and radically expands her business.

A physician remembers to embody the first flip – center, enter, add value – as she engages each patient.

The Experience

Prepare to expand your sense of self,
transform relationships, and become
a powerful force for positive change.

Hear founder, Dr. Ginny Whitelaw,
speak to what makes IZL programs
unique and how they can help
you live and lead your best life.

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explore our
Certification Pathways

pathway overview

Discover our 5 pathways and the right one for you

Zen Leader practitioner

The Way for people committed to be a positive force

HEAL practitioner

The Way for leaders and practitioners in healthcare

FEBI Coach

The Way for coaches to learn a powerful mind-body tool

Zen Leadership coach

The Way for coaches to work with the radical “flips” of ZL

zen leadership instructor

The Way for those who want to teach ZL

Upcoming Programs:

Join Our FEBI Certification Waitlist

September 13 – January 1, 2024

Add this powerful mind-body personality assessment to your coaching and facilitation.

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Zen Leader 1: Sept 2023

September 21 – September 24

Embody the basic flips of Zen Leadership from transforming problems to realizing a desired future.

See Event
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HEAL 1: Sept 2023

September 21 – September 24

Apply the basic flips of ZL to healthcare with results and resilience in this accredited program.

See Event

Zen Leader 2: Oct 2023

October 26 – October 29

Experience the freedom of reframing fears and conflict and the power of strengthening relationships.

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HEAL 2: Oct 2023

October 26 – October 29

HEAL 2 builds further resilience by reframing fear and conflict and strengthening relationships.

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white water rapids

HEAL 1: In-person Program

November 2 – November 5

This rare, in-person opportunity to immerse yourself in the setting of a Zen dojo is open to the first 10 people to register.

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partner & Upcoming Events

Check back later for upcoming events!

Not sure where to get started? No problem.
Let us know your interest and we’ll be happy to connect you
with the right person or program.


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