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Zen leader 3


The end, but not the end. The final course in the Leader Series equips you with the physical condition to face challenging situations, work on a subtler level, and create what you’re here to do. By seeing the whole picture, you’ll be able to seize new opportunities and turn your visions into value. We’ll guide you in taking on a transformation project of your choice, where you apply all the “flips” and practices you’ve learned with support from instructors and peer coaches.

ZL3 takes a deeper dive into Zen training and hones your ability to sense and seize opportunities. You’ll feel what it means to Lead the Way and leave equipped to bring this bigness to fruition in your project and your life.   

  • Seize opportunities and improve your timing in realizing goals.
  • Experience the dropping away of separateness and the bigness of  Samadhi through guided meditations.
  • Work through subtle fears that otherwise limit your success.
  • Shape the future using a powerful shift in consciousness and a deeper understanding of what holds current issues in place.
  • Continue to deepen and open through breathing, physical conditioning and zazen meditation.

What they’re saying: “If you have a desire to grow in your leadership in a way that goes beyond your mind and takes in consideration your heart and energy, this is that deep adventure.”

~ Araceli Esparza, Leadership Training for Work, Life, and Soul


Zen Leader 3 – weekend workshop (Online/US)

Begins January 27 2022, 7:00 pmEnds January 30 2022, 12:00 pmOnline – US Central Time Zone

This final program in the Zen Leadership trilogy completes your journey through the “flips” of The Zen Leader, equipping you with skills and practices by which you can sense the whole picture, seize opportunities and transform visions into value.

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