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In Case you haven’t heard

When you speak, you want to be heard.

You want to be a presence, a force for positive change.

Yet so much calls for your energy and attention; at times it feels like your inbox runs you.

And how do you connect with people and teams over a screen anyway?

Or find the energy to make big things happen?

Sure, there are courses on inner change, but resilience alone doesn’t change the system.

There are strategies for outer change, but how do you get the energy and power to apply them?

Master the principle underlying all change and your inner condition and outer impact improve as one.

That principle is resonance.

Change how you resonate and you change your sensitivity, empathy and ability to get others moving with you.

Clearing out what’s stuck, you work with less resistance and more on purpose.

Feeling more connected inside and out, you’re more energized within and more effective in the world.

The Resonate course shows the way.

As your guide in this course, I know energy inside and out, as a physicist, biophysicist, leadership teacher and Zen master.

I know how energy works in the nervous system and how to cultivate it, how it scales up to leading others, realizing goals and dreams, and making big change happen.

I can help you fully inhabit the leadership skills most needed today;

And get out of your own way so that universal energy can play through.+

Changing form as it vibrates in you, as all energy changes form through 

Changing form as it vibrates in you, as all energy changes form through


Resonance is a physical fact. How well you resonate is a choice.

Make a bigger choice with Resonate.

Warmly, Ginny

P.S. A free bonus session and $100 off coupon if you enroll by Friday, May 7

P.P.S. Thanks to Diane Chencharick for the drawings!

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What Participants say:

Ginny has blown it out of the park with this work. – Anne Miller

Wow, I love how Ginny explains the flow and “way” of energy. – Claudia Lutschewitz

Ginny is like a physicist poet who animates the idea of resonance in a way that invites all the senses to participate. – Kelly Bannister

I thank and celebrate Ginny for her vulnerability, generosity and wisdom in launching this wonderful training. I’ve found two wonderful practice partners in Australia. – Mark Seton

I loved the short videos, the exercises, and the discussion forum. Ginny’s feedback was not generic, it seemed she stepped in our shoes before answering. – Yoshika Ramanujam

The richness of “Resonate” lets me welcome opportunities for growth both inside and outside of myself. I love my new toolkit and have already put it to work. – Lois Pfeiffer

Thanks so much for all the thought and work that’s gone into this course, the tools and the practices…a lifetime of work!  – Ann Fisher

Enroll before Friday, May 7 using the coupon code INTUNE and you’ll $100 off registration plus free bonus content: a link to Resonate: The Embodied Way to make a Difference – Ginny’s presentation to the 2020 Embodiment Conference.

Orientation is May 14 and the course starts May 17.

Let’s build resonance together!