Zen and the Way of Making a Difference

We live in a time of great noise, disruption and dysfunction, where it can be hard to be heard or know how to make a difference. But penetrate to the principle underlying all change and you can live your most significant, joyful and resilient life. That principle is resonance and this book is your guide. Discover:

-How it is that resonance does everything
-How you can become a more resonant being
-How your more resonant self can bring about change, from love and relationships, to goals and dreams, to large-scale social change

How you resonate is how you make your difference. Resonate shows the Way.

Official Release date: October 13th, 2020! Is available for pre-order.

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Listen to Dr. Ginny Whitelaw talk about her new book, Resonate, and give some useful practices from it:

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Embodiment Teacher, Mark Walsh, interviews Ginny on Resonate:

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Download a sample chapter of Resonate

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