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embodied leadership

ZL1 participants sitting around table
Wonderfully Wonky by Design

Wonderfully Wonky by Design

Dec 06 2019

Here, and in coming articles, Jen Ayres reflects on her experience in ZL1 in the French Alps – November 2019 Sitting zazen (zen meditation) on…

thia chi in the French Alps 5 Alternative FAQs

5 Alternative FAQs

Nov 01 2019

Continuing to explore how Zen comes off the cushion and into greater service of a world that seems wackier every week.   – Ginny Whitelaw Where…

Zen garden in black and white Out With The Snake, In With The Horse

Out With The Snake, In With The Horse

Jan 04 2014

I’m no expert in Chinese astrology, nor sold on its scientific merit.  But one of the people I’ve respected most in this life – Tanouye Roshi…

small radial Zen Leader logo in blue A Little Help From My Zen

A Little Help From My Zen

Oct 11 2012

A week ago I attended the inaugural workshop of the  Institute for Zen Leadership  in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  I certainly expected this to be a…