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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Brand, Leadership, and Spirituality

When does a spiritual Way become leadership? When does leadership become a spiritual Way? I’ve been reflecting on our new brand, our radiating Zen Leader…

Snow covered lantern Zen Leadership Post

Zen Leadership Post

Jan 08 2018

Message from Ginny: I write, a storm rages up the East coast, bringing damage and disruption in its wake, even as it deposits a fine…

Light at the end of the stairs Moving Beyond Fear

Moving Beyond Fear

Oct 08 2017

Ginny Whitelaw and David Riordan for Integral Life: originally posted October 7, 2017 It is my pleasure today to talk with Ginny Whitelaw, President of…

conductor hands How To Get Stuff Done

How To Get Stuff Done

Jan 30 2014

I was meeting with a client some years ago – a great, bright leader – on what we were going to focus on in some…