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ZL1 participants sitting around table
How You Can Use Thought Strategically—So Thought Doesn’t Use You

We can either use thought strategically to realize heartfelt intents or we can be used by habits of thought to separate from the present moment, causing problems for ourselves and others.

From Individual to Collective Resilience: Notes from the (social) field

Dr. Maria Kukhareva shares about her experience working with young people that had experienced adversity. During that time, Dr. Maria learned a lot about resilience and it’s relational nature.

Intentionality and that Back-to-School Feeling

As an adult I don’t get that automatic sense of new beginnings in a work context every year. January 1st for me is about personal change but I don’t have a career equivalent and there’s no reason why not. In fact, I think it’s crucial and why would we limit this refresh to once per year?