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Bob Caron

Education Consultant, Deloitte, IZL Instructor & Coach

Dr. Bob Caron is a certified instructor of Zen Leadership and a FEBI Certified Coach. He brings decades of coaching, counseling and entrepreneurial experience, including small business start-up and management experience, and considerable experience leading academic departments and schools in higher education. He brings a dynamic and caring presence to the team and seeks to guide leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone trying to make a difference in the world toward their true purpose and passion. He’s a skilled teacher and coach – having taught in higher education for 15 years, as well as during his nearly 20 year tenure as the chief instructor at an Aikido and Zen school. He is the President and Chief Flame Finder at Ignite Your Way ℠, LLC., and the creator of the Accelerant Program, which guides emerging adults toward clarity in their educational and career direction. Bob has a masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and a doctoral degree from Boston University in Rehabilitation Sciences, where he studied complex dynamical systems and their application to human movement. Bob served as the Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Becker College and was an Assistant Professor of Human and Rehabilitation Studies at Assumption College. He’s also a father of three and a person whose long and winding journey has given him rare insight into the nature of humankind and how to thrive in the world. As an entrepreneur, Bob has created and supported the launch of multiple small businesses, all of which continue to thrive today. He has a unique ability to connect with people and can be a sage-on-the-stage or a guide-by-your-side.