Ginny Whitelaw close up

Ginny Whitelaw

Roshi, Founder

Ginny Jiko Whitelaw is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Zen Leadership, a Zen Master of Rinzai Zen, and an expert in developing the whole leader. A biophysicist by training, she combines a rich scientific background with senior leadership experience at NASA, and more than 25 years developing leaders at such companies as Novartis, Dell, Merck, T. Rowe Price, Sprint, Mercer, Ascension Health, and JNJ.

A recognized expert in developing wise, resilient and embodied leaders, she has authored four books, including The Zen Leader and Resonate – Zen and the Way of Making a Difference (Oct, 2020). She co-developed the FEBI®, which measures four patterns of personality that connect body, mind and behaviors, and trains practitioners worldwide in applying FEBI in their work.

In her nearly 10 years at NASA, Dr. Whitelaw became the Deputy Manager for integrating the International Space Station, for which she received NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal. She holds a PhD in Biophysics, as well as a BS in Physics, a BA in Philosophy, and a fifth degree black belt in Aikido.