Heather Scobie

ZL Instructor

Heather Meikyo Scobie began Zen training under Kushner Roshi in 2001 when she was a Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD student at University of Wisconsin. After finishing the program, she spent 6 months as a live-in trainee at the Chozen-ji Daihonzan in Honolulu and was ordained in 2006. Then, she worked as a laboratory scientist in New Haven and started a training group, Mujushin Dojo. In 2010, Heather changed careers to international public health, preferring its humanistic focus. While she resides in Atlanta, Heather’s work brings her to countries in Africa and Asia where she helps governments with improving their immunization programs and disease surveillance. She regularly travels back to Wisconsin for intensive Zen and kyudo training. As a cancer survivor, Heather is acutely aware of the value of her training in facing life’s inevitable difficulties. She hopes to share this training with others who need it.