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Virtual zazen

Sitting Zazen edited

“Social distancing” is good medical advice, but we need to remind ourselves and each other that we are connected, not separate. Zen Leadership equips us to be “Like a ball on fast moving waters,” and it seems the waters are moving even faster these days. We will come together and find that still place from which we can be the leaders that the world needs.

Join the IZL and Chosei Zen Communities for virtual zazen (sitting meditation) at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm (U.S. Central Time Zone). The morning sit will be 20 minutes, evening will be 30. If you have any questions, log on a little bit early to ask an instructor. 

If you are completely new to zazen, watch this video for an introduction. 

Effective May 1, our “Zoom room” will change. You will need to navigate to Chosei Zen’s webpage to register. You will receive a link and password via email, you will only have to enter the password the first time you join. Each link is individual, you may want to save it as a bookmark of some kind.