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1 2 3 UP!

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with one of our FEBI coaches, Lynn Punturiere (learn more about Lynn’s work). She uses the FEBI with her equestrian training to help individuals grow personally and professionally. 

Lynn let me work with her horse, Edison (pictured above). One exercise that very clearly demonstrated the patterns was towards the end of our visit. Lynn and I were putting Edison in the pasture with the other horses. Edison decided that he’d rather nibble some grass than go into the pasture. Lynn showed me how she shifted into Driver by pressing firmly through her feet to push the energy upward while saying ” 1 2 3 UP!” With that, up came Edison. Then Lynn gave me the lead to try it.

Edison and I had some good chemistry, so I thought this would go well. I dug deep into my Driver center, my lowest pattern, firmed up my grip, and said ” 1 2 3 UP!” What a blow it was to my Driver’s need to achieve when I saw Edison still munching the grass. 

I tried a few more times, with my shaken Driver confidence. Then Lynn suggested I try a different pattern. Just because Driver worked for her doesn’t mean it’s the only answer. So I loosed up and shook it out. I shifted into Collaborator and connected with Edison. “1 2 3 UP!” and there we both were, up and moving together! 

Watching Edison act in and respond to the different energy patterns was a great reminder that different patterns can reach the same end, and each of us has to find the ones that work best for us.

Edison hasn’t yet come through FEBI Certification but you can! If you register before January 2020, you can get our early bird discount. 

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-Emily Ferguson, FEBI Operations Manager


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