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A Year In Review

febi-2017-2016Ah-h-h-h, reveling in this relatively quiet week between the flurry of holidays – a good time to put one year in review and look ahead to the next. Reviewing 2016 through the lens of FEBI, we managed with no small amount of Driver thrust to get our febiassessment.com website updated, and our new e-Learning platform for FEBI certification up and running, Our thanks to the 2016 class of early adopters who have navigated through this process with us and helped us make it stronger. In a nod to the Organizer in all of us, we now make it easier and more obvious how to step through the FEBI certification process or go back and review completed modules. Our inner Collaborator got a good workout as FEBI was featured at an ICF Conference this past Choice Cover FEBIfall and, thanks to our collaborators at Golden Hearts and Performance Programs, FEBI was launched in Vietnam (and Vietnamese) this past summer. FEBI also made the pages of Choice magazine* twice, first in 2014 on coaching with assessments and now their current issue on Creative Coaching, speaking to the Visionary in all of us.

Looking ahead, 2017 should see publication of our pattern movement research into FEBI, along with more conference and workshop appearances, starting with the DC Somatic Coaching Group in McLean, VA on Feb 11. Anthony and Emily will continue to welcome new coaches into FEBI certification, as well as welcome back more of our seasoned coaches who find the online platform an excellent way to refresh and recharge their work with FEBI. And I hope you, no less than me, will muster the right energy at the right time for every challenge and opportunity this Year of the Rooster presents. We have work to do!

-Ginny Whitelaw

*”Published in, and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine of professional coaching  www.choice-online.com


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