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 Resonating a Better World into Being 

Resonating a Better World into Being – 3- part webinar series tackling the hottest issues of our summer: racism, healthcare and the heating up planet.

Join us in exploring 3 aspects of the white/domination culture that are radiating readiness for change and how the principles of resonance and the practices of Zen and Zen Leadership can help us be better instruments of change.

Resonance and Dismantling Racism 

June 23rd – How this time is a unique opportunity to dismantle structural racism and rebuild systems based on foundations of love and equity. How white people can be responsible, effective allies in this process and what all us can do to resource ourselves and lead (attuned with) the Way.

Resonance and Healing Healthcare 

June 30th – How coronavirus has revealed weaknesses and inequities in our individual and collective ability to take care of people. How we can evolve more equitable, loving practices in healthcare and what people in healthcare are doing to move beyond coping to co-creating the health systems they want to be a part of.  

Resonating with the Earth 

July 7th – How the white dominator culture turned toward the earth is making the place uninhabitable and how coronavirus may be a harbinger of change that we do not willingly make being forced upon us. What we can learn about building a culture of connection to one another and the earth, and how we can rebuild sustainable systems and lifestyles attuned to this Way.

Each 1-hour webinar starts at 12 noon ET and includes:

Ginny Jiko Whitelaw, CEO of IZL and author of Resonate (coming Oct, 2020) leads this webinar series, joined by experts from our IZL teachers and community, including Rebecca Ryan, Adrienne Hampton M.D., Judy Washington M.D., Alex Adams  M.D., Kristi Crymes, D.O., Dennis Tirman and Florence Lasbennes.