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Climate Change

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How To Face A Mess – The First Flip of Zen Leadership

The world is a messy place. How do you face messes like these and still authentically add your value? Make the flip from Coping To Transforming.

How Joy Guides Us In Facing Climate And Other Messes

Dr. Whitelaw explores how are can use joy to face into any challenge.

How To Use AI In Service Of Life: 3 Practices For Leaders

Dr. Whitelaw explores the connection between AI and climate change. She offers 3 internal and external practices for leaders in these times.

A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal

Nov 02 2020

I write on the cusp of the biggest presidential election of my lifetime – and I’ve lived a long time. 

A Season of Transformation

Without so much of the ‘usual’ noise to distract us, many blindspots have been obliterated. What can we now see clearly? What truths about ourselves and our world have we met eyeball to eyeball? And what do we do now?

How Are You?

How Are You?

Sep 21 2020

It’s one of the most asked questions of these Covid-upset, wildly divisive and turbulent times: How are you? Often we give and receive fairly superficial answers to this question. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot more people struggling with how they are or feeling conflicted in how they answer. 

Three “Downs” to be Up for These Times

It’s all unraveling. Pull on the thread of racism, and you get the same exploitative mindset that is heating up the earth. You see how poverty and white privilege work together to polarize access to education, wellness and wealth.

The Time for Thought and Action

Coronavirus has amplified my preoccupation with thought vs action. For those of us who score high in the FEBI© Visionary category, 12 weeks of lockdown limiting external distractions is verdant breeding ground for introspection.