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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Life hurts…there is no avoiding it

Here Andy Robins reminds us that pain is a part of life. The Zen Leader reminds us that the first step is to transform the energy.…

2 Tips to “Flip” your New Year’s Resolutions

Here Rebecca Ryan talks about  tips to help readers with their New Year resolutions – January 2020 Happy New Year, Zen Leaders! I spent Christmas day…

Wonderfully Wonky by Design

Here, and in coming articles, Jen Ayres reflects on her experience in ZL1 in the French Alps – November 2019 Sitting zazen (zen meditation) on…

thia chi in the French Alps 5 Alternative FAQs

5 Alternative FAQs

Nov 01 2019

Continuing to explore how Zen comes off the cushion and into greater service of a world that seems wackier every week.   – Ginny Whitelaw Where…