Trust That Everything Is As It Should Be
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Trust that everything is as it should be

Trust that everything is as it should be

by Courtney Amo
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In a few months, Dr. Julie Beaulac, Casey Berglund, and I will celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of our co-authored book, “The Mind-Body Way: The Embodied Leader’s path to resilience, connection and purpose”. 

As first-time authors, writing and publishing this book was, and continues to be a massive learning opportunity. We shared a bit about the embodied, collaborative writing process here.

At this stage, almost a year after the book’s release, we have learned quite a bit about the publishing industry and the various ways in which books are sold in today’s market. Unsurprisingly, a lot of emphasis is placed on social media marketing, influencers, early adopters, Amazon reviews and so forth. When we reflected on these marketing opportunities before our launch, my co-authors and I felt resistance in our bodies, and a strong desire to do things differently. As I was taught in Zen Leader training, I knew, and my co-authors knew, that we were the instruments of change, and that we could bring the future we were working towards into the present. We chose to trust our guts about how this book would find its place in the world. 

Sure, we still posted on social media, but we have also found other ways. 

Casey carries books in her bag wherever she goes. As she makes friends of strangers – which is her superpower – the book becomes an extension of her caring presence. Casey stays attuned to opportunities as they emerge, and will soon give an unexpected talk that will bring more awareness to the book and her important work. 

Julie connects with aligned service providers in her community, and offers workshops and talks that allow potential readers to connect with her, her loving stability, and her strong embodiment. This makes the book a natural follow-up to their interaction with Julie. She also brings awareness of the book to her professional community, leading to workshops, unexpected reviews and podcast opportunities. 

I asked if I could have copies available at the gym I go to, so that like-minded members could get a copy. They sold out quickly, and offered me a new way to connect with others who were finding their way back to their bodies. I did a small launch at a local café, and was so moved by the friends and colleagues who came to support me, and shared what the book had meant to them. I also partnered with my favorite health food store, who regularly gives me feedback on what clients have shared about the book. 

Yes, you can get the book online, in various formats including audio, but you can also get it from each of us, from our hands to yours. Most often with a hug. 

How do we know this approach will work? That the book will find its way to those who need it, when they need it? We don’t know. And I can say personally that I’ve let myself get caught in the waves of self-doubt, of control, of not trusting that everything is as it should be. And in those moments of tightness, of constriction, of resistance, my Zen Leader training reminds me to extend, to accept, and to tune into the opportunities for co-creation that are constantly showing up around me. 

So our antennae are up, scanning for the people we need to connect with, and the places we need to be. Our path is confirmed by the many stories of  people who have found the book, and have shared their experiences with us. Yes some through Amazon reviews, but most through face-to-face conversations, or touching text messages, or photos of highlighted pages from the book. While an online review is great, having someone hold my arm, look me in the eye and tell me that the book helped them see things differently; well I feel that deep in my body, and my heart feels like it can fill the room. 

So we keep trusting our guts, and each other, on the best ways to get this work out into the world. We trust that our three years of aligned and co-created effort, our stories and hard-won lessons, our desire to create an entry point into the embodiment space will create its own ripple, and slowly guide the right people and opportunities to us. And it is happening – one workshop, one podcast, one talk, and one book at a time.

Courtney Amo is a Zen Leadership student.


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