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If You Build It, Will They Come?

More leaders are waking up to the awareness that business cannot continue as usual. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) have moved from being a UN wish list to being investor requirements for many companies. Sustainable practices have shifted from being “greenwashing” to core strategy. From burning out employees, to drying up resources, to driving away the next generation of customers, companies are realizing that they themselves are unsustainable using extractive practices.

Slow is Steady, Steady is Fast

In the rebranding exercise, the title of ‘The Slow Coach’ seems to fit the times, as my coaching practice appears to be taken up with clients all trying to go too fast.

When We Unpin Our Hopes

Last month I finished the Zen Leader series, a three-year journey that has honestly changed the fabric of who I am.

Constant Change

Constant Change

Jun 14 2021

It’s not surprising in an environment where almost everything around us is changing nearly constantly, that our species is so attached to keeping things the same.

Suffering and Healing

Suffering and Healing

May 14 2021

It seems that wherever we turn, we are confronted by a world in disintegration, with little rationality or compassion.

Suddenly There’s Nowhere to Hide

The first 6 months of self-employment have been interesting, revealing. As a one-man-band selling your own time, there’s nowhere to hide.

How You’re Like Lake Geneva – And Not

An image we sometimes use in Zen training is likening our mind to a body of water. When calm and quiet, it reflects the conditions around it clearly; when stirred up and turbulent, it distorts everything.

Don’t tell me to be patient!

In essence, patience is the ability to tolerate discomfort. It’s a useful skill, and one that is being put to the test right now: a full year into a pandemic.

Sitting with Myself

Sitting with Myself

Mar 05 2021

In my Zen training over the last couple of weeks, I have begun to notice a divide that exists between me (my ego), putting ‘me’ at the center of the result, against a more profound sense of self (my true nature) which sees the issue with radical honesty.