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Messages from the future

It’s not often that we get to hear from the future when we’re facing such disruptive, fluid conditions as we are now. But here’s an excellent few minutes of wisdom from people in Italy telling us what they wish they had known 10 days ago. Here’s hoping this message goes viral faster than the virus!

Listen to the messages from the future

Sitting Zazen edited

We know this this can be a time of fear and separation and, indeed, that those two feed on one another. To help cut through both, join Rebecca Ryan and a gathering crowd of our IZL and Chosei Zen community in a virtual sit every 12 hours. The time is 7 CT am and pm, adjusted for wherever you are in the world, and here’s the link: Make a shortcut or bookmark to it now while you’re thinking of it, and join us as often as you can. If you’re not a frequent meditator already, no problem, Rebecca or others will frequently share pointers for Zazen.

Join the Daily virtual sit 7am & 7pm U.S. Central time

We are committed to recharging and supercharging Zen leaders in this time, even when live training isn’t possible. So we are pouring our creativity into developing richly connected, virtual versions of ZL1 and ZL2/HEAL2 to replace the live programs scheduled for April and May. If you’ve already signed up for those programs, you can roll your registration forward to the next live offering, or take advantage of the time you’ve already booked for this training and join the virtual session for a fraction of the cost. If you didn’t think you had time for the training before, now might be exactly the time. Learn more and register here. Questions? contact Bill Kingsbury.

Want a taste of Zen Leadership? Join Ginny Whitelaw for a live webinar on Leading Fearlessly Amidst Coronavirus TODAY, March 17 at 3 pm CT/4 pm ET/8 pm UK/9 pm CET

Join the leading fearlessly webinar March 17th

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