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Disruption, change, new-normal, and burnout – they’ve become like the air we breathe.

The only constant is change: The world is changing so fast, and we keep speeding up to keep pace with it, believing the more we work, the more we’ll get done. COVID came and leveled-up the disruption to a state few could have previously imaged. That was on top of an already warp-speed rate of change in business and organizations, fueled by new data streams, globalized markets, and up-ending business models in almost every sector. The social platforms and virtual systems that we knew were doing damage to our collective mental health, became a life raft for how we could stay in touch with our family and friends, how our children stayed connected to schools, and even how we conducted everyday business.

Nothing to return to: The pandemic highlighted inequitable systems in government, healthcare, education and the economy. Systems that were already showing stress fractures due to polarization, uncontrollable costs, and inequities. We get stuck in our old ways of doing things, even when they’re clearly not working. Through all of this, the chaos and noise of the external world is muting the sound of our internal experience, and our sense of connectedness and wholeness is paying the price.

Old challenges, new approach: the polarization of wealth, access to education, jobs and healthcare, environmental issues, hatred and violence have been around for a long time. Yet COVID made our interconnectedness so apparent and undeniable that it could serve as a wake up call for all of humanity. Old thinking is not going to be up to the challenges we face. We need a whole new approach to leadership, built on the Zen experience of interbeing and the tools of resonance.

There is another way. 

Most leaders struggle to stay effective and energized in these wildly disruptive times; we combine the Zen experience of interbeing with embodied leadership skills to strengthen their resonance and reduce stress, so they can lead with purpose, joy and resilience.

experience resonate! Course starts September 13th!

We’ve partnered with a powerhouse online training company to bring you “Resonate” in an online course coming September 13th. Premium Pricing ends July 19th.

I arrived at the Zen Leader training exhausted, depleted, and bordering on depression. A mere two and a half days later, after deep nourishment on every level, I left re-energized, restored, and excited about a new vision for my business. In a word: Transformative.

Upcoming programs

Join Our FEBI Certification Waitlist

September 13 – January 1, 2024

Add this powerful mind-body personality assessment to your coaching and facilitation.

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Zen Leader 2: Oct 2023

October 26 – October 29

Experience the freedom of reframing fears and conflict and the power of strengthening relationships.

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HEAL 2: Oct 2023

October 26 – October 29

HEAL 2 builds further resilience by reframing fear and conflict and strengthening relationships.

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white water rapids

HEAL 1: In-person Program

November 2 – November 5

This rare, in-person opportunity to immerse yourself in the setting of a Zen dojo is open to the first 10 people to register.

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Zen Leader 3: Nov-Dec 2023

November 30 – December 3

Complete your journey through the “flips” of Zen Leadership equipping you to sense the whole picture, transcend limits, and create desired futures.

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HEAL 3: Nov-Dec 2023

November 30 – December 3

The final course in the HEAL Series completes the flips of ZL with aplications to healthcare.

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