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Disruption – ways of working that don’t work anymore for people or the planet
Division – colliding realities and vicious disparities.
Disorientation – blending of boundaries, fatigue…exhaustion

​​How can you use all of this and still do your best work?

there is a way

It can be hard to stay effective and energized in these wildly disruptive times; we equip you with tools of Zen training, resonance-building practices and the leadership skills most needed today so you can lead with purpose, joy and resilience.

lead the way

Get started in one of our foundational programs below – all offered online.

Subsequent courses can be taken in any order convenient for your schedule.

Sign up for each individually or explore our life-opening certification pathways, which link programs together at a significant discount.

Foundational Programs

Zen Leader 1

For leaders at all levels and those committed to making a positive difference. Experience the “flips” of Zen Leadership that crack open a bigger you. Qualifies for ICF CCEUs.


For leaders, coaches and change agents who care about making a positive difference. Learn how to create greater resonance in your relationships, work and the change you want to be in the world.

white water rapids


For leaders and practitioners in healthcare who want to have even greater impact, joy and resilience. Awaken the Zen Leader in you. Qualifies for CME credits.

continuing programs

Zen Leader 2

Leading Fearlessly, Strengthening Relationships

Zen Leader 3

Leading Transformation


Become fearless. ZL2/HEAL2 tackle the root causes of fear and allow you to bring out the best in yourself and strengthen relationships with others. 


Be whole. ZL3/HEAL3 take you through the final “flips”, and help you break through limits and transform a project important to you.

FEBI Programs

(contact us to bring a FEBI-Based program to you)


This program is open to anyone to discover your favorite patterns and how to use the right energy at the right time. Qualifies for ICF CCEUs.

FEBI Certification

For coaches wanting to use the use the powerful, practical FEBI assessment in their coaching of individuals and teams. Qualifies for ICF CCEUs.

practitioner Graduate programs

Master Class

For ZL and HEAL Practitioners, deepen your teaching and coaching with the “flips” of Zen Leadership, share best practices and explore connections to relevant issues.


Organized and taught by ZL and HEAL Practitioners, ZL+ highlights diverse and innovative applications of Zen Leadership and HEAL in healthcare.

“if you want to amplify your presence, your work or your life, take this journey.”

John Sigmon


“The growth and support that I’ve gained in 3 days is mind blowing. No problem is too big.”

Emily Alpert

FEBI and Operations Manager and Master Coach

“Come and experience. You have to live…it will transform the way you lead, from leading with sweat to leading through yourself.”

Reka Gobel

Organization Consultant and Coach

“Zen Leadership training illuminates the self. Springing forth from a space of wholeness and authenticity, your true self is actualized, which in turn actualizes true leadership.”

Jeff Nytes

Managing Officer in Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at University of WI