Being What is Needed: What is Needed In The World Today?
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What is needed in the world today?

Being What is Needed: What is Needed in the world today?

by Dr. Cindy Haq

What is needed in the world today?  

Our world is calling for deeply committed leaders, followers, and everyone who is able to contribute to addressing the complex, interrelated existential challenges we face.  

Solutions to these challenges can be found in vital lessons from IZL:  

IZL and Zazen are the foundation of my practice to listen deeply, resonate with my surroundings, assemble teams, and catalyze the changes needed to promote health equity and to promote sustainability of life on earth. As a student of IZL since it was first established, I’m honored to apply IZL lessons in my life and work every day. 

We welcome you to join and contribute to this inspiring community of practice and impact. 

Cynthia Haq, MD
Family Physician
Professor and Chair 
Department of Family Medicine 
University of California, Irvine 

Dr. Cindy Haq is a HEAL instructor and on the board of directors for the Institute for Zen Leadership.

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