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Zen Leader Coaching

Supporting you in making your
greatest difference!

Habits aren’t replaced by good intentions; they’re replaced by new habits. The accountability, support, personal attention, strategy and insight that emerge through a one-on-one coaching relationship result in new habits being formed. When the future is uncertain and there’s no back to go to – it’s easy to feel heavy, stuck, and get in a rut. Zen Leader Coaching helps to ground you in the limitless energy source that is yours to access, helps you tune that energy in service of a difference you’re trying to make, and gives you pathways toward the fearlessness needed to send that out into the world.


The results of coaching primarily come from two sources:
1) the connection and resonance of the coach-client relationship, and
2) the coaching method used

What makes Zen Leader Coaching different from most others is that it’s delivered by people with a depth of wisdom and experience that comes from years of meditation practice in addition to their leadership, industry, and coaching experience. Check out this video to learn more…

Zen Leader coaching is for…

  • Leaders needing to move beyond fear and extend into their future
  • People wanting to make positive change in their workplace
  • Anyone needing to get unstuck and shift toward great freedom
  • Coaches who want to help their clients with embodied learning
  • Making a shift toward a more creative and innovative career
  • Learning practices that fuel resilience and everlasting energy
  • Gaining traction and amplifying your voice in turbulent times
  • Using your whole self as an instrument of resonant leadership

meet our coaches

Andy Robins

Roshi and ZL Instructor & Coach

An executive coach, former businessman, and ex-Royal Navy field gunner, Andy Robins felt like he was coming home as he experienced his first IZL program in 2013 at the Spring Green Dojo. He became pivotal in expanding Zen Leadership to Europe and Asia and is now growing Zen and Zen Leadership training in the UK where he lives with his family.

Cris Nakano

Director In Europe and ZL Instructor & Coach

Cris is a strategist, coach and facilitator, passionate about helping develop more inclusive, engaging and “on-purpose” leaders and organizations, where people can be their best selves at work and live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Dennis Tirman

ZL Instructor & Coach

Dennis began Zen training 7 years ago and is an instructor in Zen Leadership. Active in the Institute for Zen Leadership (IZL) from its start, Dennis has co-taught in several IZL programs, and has trained in Zen sesshin and BodyZen.

Emily Alpert

Master FEBI Coach and FEBI Operations Manager

Emily Alpert is the “coach’s coach” for FEBI and the FEBI Operations Manager.

choices choices…


As an introduction to the Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) and how it can open avenues of agility and impact in your life, we offer you a comprehensive personalized report full of insights and suggestions along with 60-minutes of coaching to help you apply the report to your life and situation! These sessions are often conducted by two of our experts on FEBI: Emily Alpert or Bob Caron!


If you’re just looking to test the waters on how Zen Leader Coaching can help you transform a specific situation in your life, work, or community this is the tier to start with. In 3 sessions we can make an impact and show you the power of our method – but for lasting and pervasive results – we’d recommend you tier up!


Here’s where we can dive in deep and follow you through your journey of finding the resonance in your life and work. Habits don’t change overnight – and most of the time there are many layers to peel back to get to the heart (or perhaps even hara) of the matter. We seek nothing short of completely transforming your ability to make a difference in the world – and this is where that happens.


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