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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Look Forward & Move Forward

Look Forward & Move Forward

Dec 14 2020

Have you heard it, too?  People are looking forward to getting back to normal. I smell a problem. You cannot “look forward” and “go back.”

Seeking Perfection

Seeking Perfection

Nov 13 2020

Steve Jobs, Mu, Ma and Zen: Andy Robins explores something quite removed from the news of the day.

Playground Leadership

Playground Leadership

Sep 09 2020

It is a frightening time for many with not only a deadly virus spreading around the globe, but also, leaders who openly flaunt human rights and democracy, with nothing served but their own self-interests. So where is the hope and where are all the great leaders?

The Upper Right Hand Corner

The Upper Right Hand Corner

Aug 24 2020

Since March 13, I’ve talked with hundreds of leaders about how they’re doing, and their responsibility to stay in the “upper right corner.” The upper right hand corner is the place where people experience calm, centered attention because they have a sense of perspective and control (see image). It’s the opposite of the lower left hand corner …

water drop with the world How Zen Can Provide Leadership in a Post-Truth Trump World

How Zen Can Provide Leadership in a Post-Truth Trump World

Jul 13 2017

What a wacky month. I’ve tried several times to write this post and every time have gotten sidetracked by the latest unfoldings in our real-life…

Santa flying in the sunlight Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light

Dec 23 2015

The winter solstice is upon us: the darkest time of the year in this northern hemisphere. And with the recent terrorism in Paris and San…

white water rapids Developing Leadership Agility

Developing Leadership Agility

Sep 30 2015

“Probably the most important competency for leaders to have in today’s rapidly changing world.” What could be so powerful and important to leadership that would…

FEBI learning lounge banner Wellness Retreat with FEBI

Wellness Retreat with FEBI

Jan 05 2015

Antimo Cimino is a FEBI-Certified Coach who has combined his passion for movement and wellness with experiential travel.  We’ve invited Antimo to share with the…

FEBI learning lounge banner Chop, Chop, On Time

Chop, Chop, On Time

Dec 31 2014

Guest blogger, Theo Cade, shares his experience of working with Driver energy.  Driver is not always the pattern we think of for interpersonal harmony, but in…