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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Zen Leader and taking ownership Taking Ownership: How We Avoid It and How Zen Tackles Avoidance

Ginny Whitelaw for Integral Post: May 14th, 2014 I was watching a gastronomically challenging documentary the other night:  Forks over Knives . It came out a…

Driver city Summer In The City

Summer In The City

Jul 27 2015

If the energy patterns were cities… What happens when you combine the Zen Leader with the human spark plug,  Rebecca Ryan , who guides cities…

soft focus leaf Springtime For Hara

Springtime For Hara

May 10 2015

We hear more all the time about the march of technology: how we’re approaching a singularity where machine intelligence surpasses that of humans, not only…


Ginny Whitelaw for Integral Post: December 9th, 2014 Protestors are in the streets even as I write. A police officer is cleared of charges in the…

Zen Leadership and six perfections Leading into the Six Perfections

Ginny Whitelaw for Integral Post: November 11th, 2014 It’s wonderful to see Ken Wilber’s  Fourth Turning of Buddhism  emerge this summer, along with the conference…

FEBI logo with Santa hat Focus On Winter, 2015

Focus On Winter, 2015

Jan 05 2015

Comfort and Joy! “Glad t-i-iidings of co-o-oomfort and joy,” we are wished in this holiday season. We’re so used to packaging these two together –…

The Zen Leader with a Hara belt The Zen Leader Goes Home

Guest blogger, Theo Cade, shares his experience working with a number of the Zen Leader flips below.  You’ll also see the wood model he built of…

Zen garden in black and white The Final Flip

The Final Flip

Dec 31 2014

A publisher once told me that most people don’t finish books that they start. Well, it was the end of The Zen Leader that changed…

dandelion with seeds blowing in the wind Losing Control- and Gaining Agility

We’re losing control. At least in the traditional sense of being able to control outcomes, nail down all the variables, or compel others to do…