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ZL1 participants sitting around table
Being What is Needed: A Message From kate

Kate Watters, president of the Board of Directors for IZL, explores different ways to be what is needed.

Being What is Needed: Listening With My Body And Senses

Cris Nakano, a member of the Board of Directors for IZL, shares her journey of listening and sensing.

Being What is Needed: A Message From Paul

Paul Sevett, a Zen practitioner, shares what he has learned from IZL and how it has impacted his life.

Being What is Needed: How IZL Can Help you Get There

Dave Stahlberg, a Zen practitioner, shares his experience at a Zen Leader program and how it has impacted his life.

What Is Needed In The World Today?

Dr. Cindy Haq writes about what is needed in the world through the lens of the energy patterns.

Making Peace in the War of Perfectionism

But in some ways, it can still be beautiful. Just like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where we put broken pieces of pottery together with gold, there is simple beauty beyond perfection in embracing our imperfections and flaws as artfully raw and human.



Feb 28 2022

I am learning about belonging. The teachings of belongingness have come to me slowly from many wise people, communities, and nature. These teachings over the years are like walking a labyrinth, leading me towards the center and away, and towards the center and away from it again and again.  A journey.



Feb 08 2022

This delightful shift in Zazen shows up off the cushion in the remaining 23 hours and 40 minutes of the day as trust in myself. I approach my work feeling solid in what I have to contribute, not leaking energy with fear of judgments.

Shakuhachi Zen

Shakuhachi Zen

Nov 01 2021

I quickly learned that a shakuhachi tells you what it is; that is, what key it will play in. This occurs upon the first blow, right after completion of the boring and utaguchi (blowing edge), before opening any finger holes. ‘Hello G3 shakuhachi, it is an honor to meet you.’