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Our Purpose

we are here to remove fear and connect leaders to the whole picture, that they can lead with wisdom.

By helping people move freely through life, we can manifest our purpose and create a better world. Zen training forms the condition in your body that allows you to create what you’re here to do.

From early on in life, we have a sense of a world revolving around our ego, and our ego as our identity. Both of these assumptions are false, but that’s how it seems, so that’s how we live. Until something makes us dig a bit deeper. Who are we in the daily grind? How can we move from coping with circumstances to realizing our purpose? How can we better connect with the people and energy around us? When we start asking these kind of questions, we’re ripe for Zen Leadership.

Most leaders struggle to stay effective and energized in these wildly disruptive times; we combine the Zen experience of interbeing with embodied leadership skills to strengthen their resonance and reduce stress, so they can lead with purpose, joy and resilience.

Zen Leader goes well beyond the limits of mindfulness to help you fundamentally reframe the challenges you face, transform what is holding you back, and ultimately get out of your own way. Through zazen meditation and other transformational practices, we create an unforgettable experience and energy that takes hold across all areas of your life.


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Our Team

Our faculty has been there: in the leadership trenches trying to make big things happen, from building a space station, to getting cities and healthcare systems working for more people, to helping people face into the most difficult situations of their lives. We’ve also been developing leaders and training in Zen, from several years to several decades, and we put all that together in our commitment to help you stretch as far as you want to go.

Ginny Whitelaw close up

Ginny Jiko Whitelaw is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Zen Leadership, a Zen Master, scientist, and expert in developing the whole leader.

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IZL is affiliated with the Chosei Zen Dojo of Wisconsin, a center of world-class Zen training and teachers in the Rinzai tradition. Its Spring Green Dojo hosts many of our programs, and is a way to further training in Zen and ongoing IZL programs for our alumni. The Spring Green Dojo accommodates groups of up to 20 people in full immersion programs, including meals cooked in the Zen tradition and lodging nearby. It is located about 1 hour’s drive west of Madison.